Monday, January 3, 2011

Making an image map

For my last post, I wanted to put together a table of photos. All of the images are on flickr already, so I just needed linked thumbnails in a neatly presented table.

First I tried making a simple HTML table, with each square holding the image reference code copied straight from flickr. Unfortunately I couldn't make it work: The “small” image size was too big, and the “thumbnail” size was too small, and it somehow just didn't look… professional enough. I decided I wanted to fill each square with as much of the image as would fit—and of course I wanted to be able to choose which part of the image would show. But how could I do that?

I needed to make my own image map. (Because the alternative was messing around with who-knows-what HTML tag attributes…)

A quick google search (how did we ever survive without google?) turned up this useful tutorial, based on Gimp which I already use for image editing, so it wasn't too hard to follow. The image map tool was very easy to use and seems to have worked just right. You can see the beautiful result here.

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Best of 2010

I have found it is good to stop every now and then for a little reflection. Inspired by a photographer friend, I had a look through my photos from last year and picked out some of my favourites. So without further ado, my personal best photos of 2010: (click on each photo to see it larger)

Fire twirlers
Eerie tunnel
Laetitia atop Hyde's Rock at sunrise
Sand dunes
Pink and purple
Wesley Church Fremantle (Uniting)
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