Saturday, March 28, 2009

A little about me

Ok, so who am I and why should you pay attention to anything I say?

Professionally, I'm a mathematics teacher living in Mackay, Queensland, Australia. I'm also an experienced computer programmer.

But I've been taking photographs almost as long as I've been alive—certainly for as long as I can remember! My father was putting cameras (35mm SLR or Super-8) in my hands since I was maybe 4 years old, and encouraged me to experiment and learn. My formal education in mathematics and physics gave me a better understanding of some of the technical details of photography, supplemented more recently by a little background reading in design and philosophy.

Since leaving high school and home, I have invested in my own camera equipment (initially Pentax 35mm SLRs, now a Nikon DSLR) and gradually developed and built my skills and technical repertoire. I have tried a wide variety of films, both print & slide, and I have particularly enjoyed exploring the wonderful, instant-feedback world of digital photography!

You can see some of my more recent photography on Flickr. Of course, most of the photos I've taken in my life were from before I bought my first digital camera in December 2006, and I've only scanned a few of my favourites.

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